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Characters: Tonya and Classmate
Topic: My College Experience
From Washington, DC this is my experience at the University of Phoenix. I’m Tonya Toney (and Classmates)
Tonya: My experience at the University of Phoenix has been very challenging and rewarding. Meeting new people and working together in a team to accomplish at goal.
Classmate: I can relate to that. The University has given us the tools that employers will value. The importance of job related knowledge and communication skills.
Tonya: Some of the key component of diversity in a university setting gives us the core value to multitask and to be self-sufficient. Working in teams will help students to become more diverse. Creativity is the key to becoming successful.
Classmate: It is imperative to remember team collaboration and effective communication is an essential part of your studies. In order to achieve the teams goal in business and in life .
Tonya: While taking time out to study and brainstorm with your peers will aloud you to enjoy college life.
Classmate: That is what makes college life enjoyable “team collaboration”.
Tonya: Team collaboration is enjoyable as long as everyone is working together to reach their goal.

As a University of Phoenix (UOP) student the valuable mission reflects diversity, networking, and communicating stating their vital role. Their mission states “University of Phoenix provides access to higher education opportunities that enable students to develop knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their professional goals, improve the performance of their organizations and provide leadership and service to their communities” grasped many students attention. The college of flexibility, small class size, and endless workshops to help are all benefits of being a Phoenix student. The advantage of having class only one night each week, and also five week accelerated…...

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