Rcism in the Presidential Election of Obama 2008

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...Presidential Elections Andres B. Ronquillo HIST122A 15 July 2012 Our nation’s first presidential election took place in 1789, when Americans voted for electors and they voted for Washington, who ran and won without much opposition. However, it is 2012 and it has been over 200 years since that first election took place. Many things have changed since then, including the election process its self. I am not going to get into much detail about the process, Instead I will focus this paper on the changes we, as a nation, went through. I will focus more on the issues that have changed us the most, as a nation. Through the course of this class I have learned that some of the issues we have had in the past were based on race, gender, illiteracy and even poverty. I will touch on some of these issues but only briefly. Instead I will talk about present day presidential elections and how even though we have changed a lot of the major issues that affected the election process, there are still many issues that still affect us today. I will mainly focus on one of these issues. The Problems I will discuss will be focused around the military vote, mainly because I am in the Army and have friends/ family that are in the military. The problems with the absentee ballot system, are part of the issues I will discuss. It will be four years, in November, since President Obama was elected as our nation’s 44th President. Just like in 2008 and every other Presidential election year, we the......

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...Every four years the American society choose their leader and representative. Their decision influences not only their motherland but all countries in the world. Till 2008, there were no elections that were assumed to be historic before announcing the final result and before they actually took place. It was the president’s decisions that made one’s tenure significant and unforgettable. 2008 year’s voting altered this jurisdiction. An African American senator has been nominated and finally won the most momentous election in the world. Certainly, Africans and their descendants have been a part of the story of the America since the late 1400s. As scouts, interpreters, navigators, and military men, blacks were among those who first encountered Native Americans. Beginning in the colonial period, African Americans provided most of the labor on which European settlement, development, and wealth depended, especially after European wars and diseases decimated Native Americans. Their slavery legally lasted till the XIX century, when in 1865 Thirteenth Amendment to the USA Consitution was passed. The legal act banned bondage. However, African Americans faced many obstacles and prejudices not encountered by whites, even in areas where slavery had been abolished. They were barred from most educational institutions, limited to the least desirable residential and farming areas, often prohibited from practicing trades and opening businesses, and generally segregated in public conveyances...

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...Dr. Robert Bond February 26th, 2015 Political Advertisements 1992 Presidential Election Campaigns - Bush vs. Clinton During the 1992 presidential election, most of the advertisements were intended to portray the core values of the average American. Both George H. Bush and Bill Clinton attempted to portray patriotism and a deep sense of American pride within their campaigns making the economy one of the key topics of this election. But only one of them seemed to be successful. When analyzing their ad campaigns, it is important to take a look at the historical context of their ad campaigns and how the relate to their platform, public opinion and the times the ads were released. During the 1992 campaign season, George H. Bush was the current president and had lost some popularity due to the economic down turn and recession. At the time, Bush was known for his strengths in foreign policy; the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the defeat of Iraq in the Gulf War were both accomplished under his first term. However, Bush’s strength in foreign policy was not as important as the economy, in the eyes of the American people. Also, around this time, Bush had lost a lot of support from those in the Republican Party because he said he would not raise taxes in the previous election and then did in fact, raise them. In the beginning stages of the election, President Bush was in the lead, but as the election went on, his popularity declined. Bill Clinton came from a very......

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...TEST 09.03 The American presidential election: * What phase /stage are we still in now, - and what is the situation in the two main parties after “Super Tuesday”?¨ Right now we are in the pre-election stage, where the candidates from the different parties will fight for representatives and to be a candidate for their party. After Super Tuesday: Democrats: On the democrat side, we can see that Hillary is in the lead, much more so than Bernie sanders. Hillary has gained quite the popularity and is already acting as if she will be the next president. Bernie Sanders managed to get some wins but not enough to beat Hillary. It is not looking too good for Bernie Sanders. Republicans: On the republican side, we have three representatives. Donald Trump, Marko Rubio and Ted Cruz. Donald Trump is in the big lead right now, and it seems more likely that he will be the candidate for the Republican Party. Second in lead after Trump is Ted Cruz. Marko Rubio is also gaining some traction now after Super Tuesday, but has a long to go if he wants to beat Trump. What seems likely now after Super Tuesday is that from the Democratic Party we will see Hillary Clinton, and from the Republican Party we will see Donald Trump. * Donald Trump has done much better than generally expected: Discuss possible reasons for Trump`s success: I think that the number one reason for Trump’s success is that he is a businessperson more than he is a politician, which means a lot to some people in...

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