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Randy Forbes: 4th Congressional District of Virginia

POSC 320
October 24, 2013
Randy Forbes: 4th Congressional District of Virginia
James Randy Forbes, Congressman from the 4th Congressional district of Virginia has served his community, state and country for his entire life. Born February 17, 1952, in Chesapeake, Va. Randy Forbes has lived a very successful life. A family man, Forbes has been married to his wife Shirley for thirty five years and has four children, Neil, Jamie, Jordan, and Justin. A man also of religious and conservative ideals, Forbes has made a name for himself everywhere he goes. After high school, Forbes graduated valedictorian from Randolph Macon College in Ashland, Va. From there, he went into law school at the University of Virginia School of Law, where he received his Doctorate in 1977. After working at one of the most successful law firms in southeastern Virginia, Randy Forbes began his political career in Virginia’s General Assembly. He served 7 years and was elected floor leader, until his election into the State Senate in 1997. After three and half years, Forbes finally made a run for Congress after the death of Democratic ten- term Congressman Norman Sisisky, who was acting Congressman at the time. Defeating the Democratic opposition, State Senator Louise Lucas by a 52/48% margin in 2001, was one of Randy Forbes greatest accomplishments. Forbes had won the 4th district that had been represented by the Democratic Party for almost 20 years. His victory was well noted throughout the press and political spectrum. He has since been a big contributor to the Republican Party in Congress and has been deemed by his constituents as “man of the people” with his open door policy and constant communications when in Washington and in his district. This past election in 2012, Forbes ran against Ella Ward, an African- American woman who was…...

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