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Price waterhouse cooper | Qualitative Analysis of Target and Wal-Mart | | | Sophia Feng | 12/2/2013 |


Contents Introduction 2 Background 2 Figure 1: Comparative Statistics 4 Figure 2: Wal-Mart’s Stock Price from Year to Date 4 Figure 3: Target’s Stock Price from Year to Date 5 Companies’ success stories 5 Comparative Advantages 6 Problems with internal control 6 Figure 4: Document about Hispanic Employees 8 Future Challenges 8 Conclusion 9 Work Cited 10

Every year the management of Price Waterhouse Cooper will choose from a list of ten successful companies to invest one-third of their company’s profit into the stock market. From these ten companies, a team of people will select two companies that are in the same industry that they believe would be worth investing in. From these two companies, Price Waterhouse will have a team of researchers to do an extensive research on the two companies’ qualitative aspects.
This year Price Waterhouse would either invest their money in Target’s or Wal-Mart’s stocks. Both these two retail companies are very successful that still continues to grow each day because of their low and irresistible prices on their merchandises. Not only do they provide their consumers with these prices, but their offer a wide range of merchandises from garden supplies to toddlers’ clothing. The CEO of Price Waterhouse, Eliza Smith, have assigned the accounting department with the task of deciding which retail company they should invest their money into.
The purpose of this report is to present the qualitative aspects of Target and Wal-Mart that will help the accounting team decide which company is the best choice to invest in. The main factors that will help contribute to the decision making process are the companies’ success stories, several specific comparative advantages they have with…...

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