Pyroelectric Detectors

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Pyroelectric detectors

Pyroelectric Infrared Detectors (PIR)convert the changes in incoming infrared light to electric signals. Pyroelectric materials are characterized by having spontaneous electric polarization, which is altered by temperature changes as infrared light illuminates the elements. Since our sensor series uses this effect they can be used at ambient temperature even in the presence of thermal noise. By choosing appropriate IR receiving electrodes, they serve a wide range of application.

* Characteristics | High Sensitivity | | Versatile selection of IR wavelength filters | | Room temperature operation | | Low cost | | Roust under severe environmental conditions | | Stable against ambient temperature and atmospheric changes | | Stable against electromagnetic interference | * Applications | Light control | | Temperature measurement | | Flame detector | | Automatic door switch | | Visitor detector | | Home security | | | | | * IR Filters | AR coated silicon (low cost) | | 7µm cut-on, long pass, filtered silicon (body detection) | | 4.3 µm bandpass filtered quartz (flame detection) | | 4.5 µm AR coated silicon (body detection) | | 5µm cut-on silicon (body detection) |

Relative transmittance of window. | | | | |

Pyroelectric detectors are infrared sensitive optoelectronic components which are specifically used for detecting electromagnetic radiation in a wavelength range from 2 µm to 14 µm.

A receiver chip of pyroelectric detectors manufactured by InfraTec consists of single-crystalline lithium tantalate. Because of its very high curie…...

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