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The Psychological Effects of Bullying
John Wells
Maryville University

Observations of Children on a Psychiatric Unit
This part of the paper will cover my observations of patient-to-patient aggression in the form of verbal, emotional, and physical bullying on an inpatient behavioral health unit, and its psychological effects. Over the span of 3 weeks I observed the interactions between children on a psychiatric unit where I work. Each week I spent one shift making observations. I do not typically work the children's unit, but I was able to float to this unit and make observations during the time where the kids were in the day area interacting. The type of bullying I saw the most was in the form of verbal.
Verbal bullying happened 100 percent of the time I was on the unit. It involved children of all ages, race, and gender. The verbal aggression was consistently focused on intellect, appearance, skin color, lifestyle choices, and ethnicity. The most common form of verbal aggression was directed at appearance and intellect. This was very interesting to me because our patients have general learning disabilities. I also saw emotional bullying. This type of bullying included the spread of rumors, excluding others from activities, and refusal of talking to other patients. The last type of bullying I observed was physical bullying. This type of bullying was less likely to happen on our unit. I felt that the presence of staff and security discouraged this type of bullying. However, it did happen once while I was working. It involved one patient shoving another patient.
My first week observations consisted of a group of 12 male patients. In this first week I only witnessed verbal bullying. One patient who was autistic had a difficult time reading the directions to a game. Another patient proceeded to mock him for not being able to read by imitating the exact way…...

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