Protecting Female Employees Working Rights

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Why is it particularly necessary for HR managers in national companies in China to focus on protecting female employees’ working rights

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30th August 2013

Supervisor: Darren Fox


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Name: Li Fangchen
Date: 30th August 2013


1. Introduction 1

2. Current situation and problems of gender inequality in the workforce in China 1

2.1 General situation in gender discrimination 1

2.2 Discrimination against young women 2

2.3 Discrimination against migrant female workers 3

3. Compare with the situation in Europe 3

4. What measures should be taken 4

4.1 Recruitment and selection 4

4.2 Personal development 4

4.3 New organization of work 5

Reference 6

1. Introduction

Gender inequality is a problem among the workplace globally, female employees tend to be paid fifteen to fifty percent less than male employees when they are working the same job. (Burnett,2010) In terms of the situation in China, although the Constitution in 1982 has reinforced laws and regulations to protect women's rights, the level of unemployment rate of women is still far higher than male employees (ibid).

The development of Human Resource Management implicates a potential progress for gender equality(Sisson,1994). However, the gender equality assumption in HRM model is more like the rhetoric rather than the reality (Dikens,1998). Besides, HRM has received little attention in…...

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