Prospect House

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Prospect House

Some people have more difficulties finding their spot in life. They are having a hard time finding out who they are and what they are supposed to do with life. The majority of them are usually kids who have had a pretty hard childhood. That is the stereotype of the residents of a prospect house. That is what the narrator, Kim, is like in Prospect House by Frances Childs. She has a rough time finding her place in society and she is working hard to get her life back on track.

The story takes place in Winchester, south of England, and it could have been written today. It is a first person narrator, and we see that already from the beginning: (line 1) “When I first arrived at Prospect House […]” It only gives us her point of view. We see the world through her eyes and it forces us to take her side and feel sympathy for her.

Kim is a girl in her late teens who probably has had a rough childhood in London, and that might make her think she is stronger than everybody else: (lines 2-4) “I’d come from London you see, the city. I might think I was harder than them, might want to throw my weight around.” and yet she is terrible at fighting (line 139). Before she came to the prospect house she did not look out for herself, for instance, she got hep B and a STD from a guy she does not even remember the name of (lines 7-9), and she did not care that she got fired from her job at a home for deprived children. She actually found it funny because she saw herself more as a kid at that time (lines 14-15). She is a loner, and I believe she thought it was a relief the other kids were fearing her when she was yellow and because of the hep B, which made her want to check how much she could get away with without getting beaten up by the other girls. She actually does not like girls her age, she likes people older than her, because they are much nicer and kinder,…...

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