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Program Overview – Part 1

Perspectives on Adult Education – EDU 525

Professor: Dr. Cummings

Cynthia E. Wilson

January 15, 2013

Assignment #1

Program Overview

The name of this program is B&C Taylor Life Enrichment Center. This is a Drop-in Center that offers Holistic Supports as well. At this center, they treat the whole person and offer many programs to fulfill their needs. Some of the programs that are offered are G.E.D. classes, job search resources, interviewing techniques, social networking, resume & cover letters writing, linkage & transportation to job fairs, tutoring in math, reading, writing, and on different types of tests, such as GACE, ACT, and the COMPASS, just to name a few. They also have basic computer classes as well as beginning typing. The program also offers referrals to other services that are offered by the county such as transportation and housing assistance. The geographic location for this program is in a community that is predominantly African American and Hispanic with low income or underserved. They try to get the community involved so that it can be at least thirty to fifty percent ran by the community. So far, it is only twenty five percent ran by the community. The community is involved but the numbers are low so now they are allowing people from other communities to participate in the different programs they offer. There are a lot of different opportunities for growth in the community with the different programs that this center offers. Just about anything that the people in the community may need the center offers it at little or no cost at all. This program is designed to serve the underserved people in the county in which it is located in. That’s why it was placed in the area in which it’s at. It focuses on the…...

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