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2.1 Vision Statement 1
2.2 Self Assessment 2
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3.1 Teamwork (Activity 3) 8
3.1.1 Definition 8
3.1.2 Self Review & Learning Outcomes 8
3.1.3 Football Team 11
3.1.4 Conclusion 12
3.2 Communication (Activity 4) 13
3.2.1 Definition 13
3.2.2 Self Review & Learning Outcomes 13
3.2.3 Conclusion 15
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4.1 Five Year Action Plan 29
4.2 Ten Year Action Plan 35
4.3 Contingency Plan 42
4.4 Future Plan 44
Conclusion 45
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Personal development can be defined as “activities that improve self-knowledge and identity, develop talents and potential, build human capital and employability, enhance quality of life and contribute to the realization of dreams and aspirations” (Aubrey, cited in Bernelo et al. 2011). Everyone have their perspectives, goals and vision. Thus, some of them develop a plan to follow and review the progress from time to time. For me, personal development can’t develop within overnight, it is a lifelong learning process, I believed education and personal growth is never-ending process.


My vision is to become a Sales and Marketing Manager in the hospitality industry. I want to be a professional and respected leader in the team to help my organization move towards better profit and market share; and give our clients the best quality and value services.

Development skills that a person most preferably to learn had been…...

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