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Professional Development Plan
A professional development plan is defined as a documented goal, required skill and competency development, and objectives a staff member will need to accomplish in order to support continuous improvement and career development (Duke Human Resources, n.d.).
The objective of this essay is to create a professional development plan of Learning Team Red. The development plan will be based upon the DISC Assessment each team member completed in week one of the course, Organizational Behavior. The development plan will address the behavior styles of the members individually and as a group, additionally detailing my leadership ability of the team.
Learning Team Red consists of four members. Cathy Devers, Rachel Smith, Victor Torres-Rosario and Tamara Kilgore. Each were to communicate throughout one week providing their results of the DISC Assessment taken personally, with the addition of some based on the assessment completed by others the members known professionally and academically.
Neither team member expressed their career goals to the team. However, it is my belief that each wish to excel in the MBA program and their respective organizations.
Rachel Smith, the first team member that will be discussed did not engage in active communication. Based upon a brief description, her DISC Assessment identified her as cautious, with a substyle of master minder. Rachel did provide an example of how she interacts in her respective work place, defining her actions as “spot on” from the assessment.
Rachel communicated that she does not tend to interact with co-workers socially. Her motive is to come in and get the job done. In my opinion, and based upon the brief interaction with Rachel I do not believe that the approach she demonstrates will give her satisfaction and the ability to meet all of her goals. Being guarded can cause her to…...

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