Process Desing Matrix

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Process Design Matrix

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Process Design Matrix

We start by defining a process for developing common manufactured goods that describes the essential steps necessary to design a product. These methods represent the basic sequence of steps or activities that a company uses to imagine, design, and launch a new product to the market. Many of these tasks involve more intellectual than physical activities. Some companies define and follow a precise and detailed process of development, while others may not even be able to describe its processes. According, (Chase & Jacobs)

Each company uses a process that is different from any other association; in fact, the same organization can follow different process for different product groups or different markets to launch any product. So, is a process that can be pointed out as a compilation of equipment, method, public and systems that are used jointly to create certain goods and services.

It is a plan of process inside the approach of an association that turns resources into goods and services. The purpose of this strategy of process is to design a process that meets client supplies and the details of the product within cost and other administrative restrictions. Note that the selected process will have a long-term effect on the competence and flexibility of production as well as on the cost and quality of the produced goods. Therefore, much of the strategy of procedures is provided at the time of the decision-making process.

It should be noted that work as coordinator of Trade Marketing in a company that has been based in Puerto Rico five years; it is based on the distribution of food. Colombina is a Global company focused to Captivate consumers with…...

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