Pretty Woman a Romantic Comedy

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Pretty Woman: A Romantic Comedy

The popular romantic comedy, Pretty Woman, is a story that shows how members of two different social classes meet and become forced to learn about each other's way of life and fall in love in the process (Garnham). Edward, (Richard Gere) is the upper-class businessman who coincidentally meets Vivian, (Julia Roberts), a lower-class prostitute, while trying to find his way back to his hotel after a fancy gathering of co-workers and other members of his elite society. After staying with Edward for a period of time, Vivian becomes assimilated into his upper-class way of life. While Vivian is learning how to fit into the upper echelons of society, Edward also learns how life is for the lower class. "Every society is marked by inequality, with some people having more money, schooling, health, and power than others. With its predictable plot, simple conflict and easy resolution, simple characters that the audience relates to, and the notion that one character saves the other, this film is the very definition of a romantic comedy.

The predictable plot. This particular aspect of romantic comedies both explains their continued popularity and remains one of the hallmarks of this particular genre. Romantic comedies almost always follow the basic formula: Two people who are not supposed to be together somehow manage to fall in love. Hijinks and other mishaps ensue, they get into a huge fight, and then everything ends happily ever after (Garnham). This film follows these guideline to the tee, especially with the two characters from total opposite ends of the social pool. The difference between social classes in Pretty Woman is obvious from the beginning. The immediate contrast between settings at the opening of the movie immediately let the audience know that social and economic status will be a prevalent theme throughout the film. This is…...

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