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Preparing to Conduct Business Research: Part 1
Southwest Airlines
Team C
Michael Mancini Jr.
Oct. 4, 2013

What are the research questions? - Judi
What are the hypotheses? - Judi

Southwest Airlines Motivational Draft Paper
Southwest Airline Background
How did the airline giant become so successful? Southwest Airlines is one of the largest most cost-effective airlines in the nation. The company was founded in Texas by Rollin King and Herb Kelleher, were the airlines was incorporated to service three cities, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio only used four planes.
According to the often told story King and Kelleher discovered the concept while having dinner and the thought came on a napkin with a triangle shape of the three cities. Looking at a map for the state of Texas it appears that Dallas was at the top and San Antonio and Houston were at the bottom which, symbolize triangle.
Many of the other Airlines wanted to keep Southwest Airline on the ground, to name a few United Airlines, Continental, and Trans-Texas. Even though the other airlines tried to keep southwest from flying legally on December 7, the Supreme Court declined to review the other Airlines case allowing Southwest to fly. A book was written based on Southwest Airlines titled “Green Wrappers and Goggles”, and the Arthur name was Winfield Barnum the story symbolize what happen if for example the name of the characters where T J Love and small jet taken to court by two large jets to stay on ground until the pleas from the court.
Southwest have many products and services for example they provide Amenities making traveling extraordinary. Early Bird checks allow the passenger to board the plan earlier and have better opportunities to a preferred seat. Pets Are Welcome on Southwest is another service provided by the airline. Cats and Dogs are the only pets that are allowed on…...

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