Power and the Use of Deceptive Emotion

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Power and the use of deceptive emotion
In many different areas, power plays an important role. In order to clarify power in different contexts, it has been defined in many different ways. (Koning, Steinel, Beest & Dijk, 2011) For example, power, in the context of negotiation, can be defined as “the ability to induce the other party to settle less than he or she wanted”. (Lewicki, Saunders, Barry & Minton, 2003) It is an important aspect in negotiation since power distribution between parties greatly affects the use of different strategies, including the use of deceptive emotion, as well as the outcomes.
Power in negotiation can be built based on the interdependent nature of negotiating relationships. The two dimensions under the concept of interdependent nature, which are mutuality of dependence and level of dependence, contribute to the creation of power distance. When negotiators need to depend upon each other for the negotiation outcome, they are mutually dependent. Both of them have similar power in a negotiation. Power distance is relatively small. On the other hand, non-mutually dependent relationship occurs when one party is not able to use his or her own power to obtain a favorable outcome, rather he or she needs to rely heavily on the counterparty to obtain outcomes. Power distance exists in this situation. For the level of dependence, it refers to the degree to which one negotiator depends on the other party to obtain outcomes. Negotiators who have many alternatives (low dependence) are less dependent on their opponents. If negotiators only have a few or even no alternatives, they are highly relying on the others (high dependence). (Olekalns & Smith, 2009) Power distance will be created when there is a difference in the level of dependence between the negotiation parties. Assumed that it is one-to-one negotiation, if there is no difference in the level…...

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