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1. In the Scrum Guide reading for this week, there are3 separate roles defined for the Scrum team, the Product Owner, the Development team and the Scrum Master. Of the three roles, which one is closest to the role of the traditional project manager describing why this is the best fit (1a) and why the other two are not (1b).
(1a) According to the Scrum Guide reading, I think the product owner is the closet to the role of the traditional project manager due to the fact that the traditional project manager is responsible to organize in order to archive project's success, and meet the project requirements. A person who plays this role has to develop team members and work with stakeholders for setting and managing their expectations. However, the product owner is a person who is responsible for a success of scrum in order to maximize the work of the development team and the value of the product. The product owner is also responsible to ensure that team members understand all project requirements by creating the product backlog, and ensure that a project will get done on time within limited budget.
(1b) There are many reasons that the development team and the scrum master are not similar to the traditional project manager. To begin with, the development team is a cross-functional team, which is responsible for developing the product. In a group, members may consist of people who have different skills as a team needed such as developers, tester, business analysts, and so on. Whereas, the scrum master is responsible for solving any problems that may occur during the product is building and plays like a coach in order to make team members correctly follow and understand the rules.
2. In the Scrum Masters Toolkit, there are number of items detailed. Of the items detailed in the article, describe at least 3 ways (labeled 2a, 2b, 2c) why the items detailed in…...

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