Play Gyms and the Benefits for a Community

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Play Gyms: and the benefits for a community Lorel Grad Langara College

Benefits of Parent and Tot play gyms in Mount pleasant Community

I chose to explore the benefits of “Parent and Tot” play gyms in my community. Acting as a social network for parents and children, play gyms offer a positive social environment to play, learn, and converse with peers. Play gyms are a fun space for children to play and be physically active. Lastly with the ever increasing housing costs, children have limited space to play as larger places become more expensive. Therefore, play gyms have an overall positive affect on toddlers and adults alike promoting physical, emotional, and social well-being while keeping costs to a minimum. Healthy child development is an essential determinant of health because of the longterm effects on the rest of a child's life. Having a healthy upbringing can influence choices later on in life to prevent obesity, increase activity, and create a foundation for social skills. Parent-Tot programs deal with many of the determinants of health that are outside the scope of the health care system. A child's social support networks are just as important as maintaining their physical exercise. These play gyms are great for learning social skills, for instance children learn how to take turns, and exercise patients. Play gyms also allow other adults to interact with each other. Social support networks for the entire family are important to allow parents to be the best they can be for their children. Perry et. Al ( 2014) states “Support from families and friends and from informal and formal groups can provide practical aid during times of crisis and emotional support in times of distress and change.”( p.7) Building a strong community can directly influence how the…...

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