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Phase 5 Discussion Board
EM 208

Website development is not as easy as one might think. One of the most difficult decisions is selecting the layout and content on the site. If a business is supplying the content (i.e., descriptions of their products), the designer must find a layout that is beneficial to the company and user while giving a professional, appealing appearance to the site. Paul Boag posted in his blog that the business must prioritize, describe and measure their objectives for the user on the site (Boag, 2013). Additionally, their descriptions must be clear and concise while not targeting every demographic of users. Normally, the design or content on the site will not please every user that comes across it so it is important to not obsess over the demographic particulars (Boag, 2013).

Dmitry Fadeyev stated that web design is not art, so the designer must have a clear direction which will communicate all of the goals and objectives effectively (Fadeyev, 2008). He stated that there are six steps for developing a successful website. First, establish the goals with the company. Ask yourself, what is the purpose of the site? Determine their desires for the site’s success and create a flow chart detailing the direction and navigation, known as the user’s needs. Next, identify the target audience. Develop the site to match the demographic that you are targeting on paper for the company to review. Utilize Photoshop in the creation of this process. Third step is to determine and create the brand image. Utilize Dreamweaver and Photoshop to create the look or design for the company’s site. Does this company have a set look for their corporation? For instance, Chuck E. Cheese’s brand has a lovable mouse that caters to the child’s imagination. Have continuous meetings with the company to ensure the design is in concert with their desires.…...

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