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Banking e-Teller (BET) 1

Banking e-Teller (BET)
Frank Melton
Colorado Technical University
Professor; Atencio
Introduction to Programming Logic
Phase Four Individual Project
May 6, 2013

Banking e-Teller (BET) 2
Table of Contents
Introduction 3 PROBLEM SOLVING TECHNIQUES 4 Table 1; DATA DICTIONARY 5 DATA DICTIONARY (CONTINUE) 6 Equation 7 Expression 8 SEQUENTIAL LOGIC STRUCTURES 9 Function 1: Allow customers to check current balances 10 The Problem Analysis Chart (PAC) 10 Table 2: PAC Chart 10 Function 2: Allow Customer to Make a Remote Deposit 11 Structure Chart 11 Figure1: Structure Chart 11 Function 3: Permits Customers to Transfer Funds between Savings & Checking 12 Coupling Diagram 12 Figure 2: Coupling Diagram for Transfer 12 PROVBLEM SOLVING WITH DECISIONS 13 PSEUDO CODE 14 FLOW CHART 14 Function 1: Allows Customer to Check Current Balance 15 Figure 3: for Pseudo code=View Balances 16 Function 2: Allows Customer to Make a Remote Deposit 17 Banking e-Teller (BET) 18 18 Figure 4: Pseudo code=Remote Deposit 19 Function 3: Allows Customer to Transfer Funds between Savings and Checking 20 Banking e-Teller (BET) 21 21 Figure 5: flow charts for transfers 22 PROBLEMSOLVING WITH LOOPS 23 MODIFCATION 24 Function 3: Allows Customer to Transfer Funds between Savings and Checking 24 Figure 6: Flow chart for transfer with loop 27 CASE LOGIC STRUCTURE 28

Banking e-Teller…...

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