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Goodwill Inc Case Study
Goodwill Corporation Ltd

The president of Goodwill Corporation ltd, Mr Abhishek Mukherji, wanted to facilitate upward communication. He believed an open door policy was a good option. He announced that his own door was open to all employees and encouraged senior managers to do the same. He felt this would give him a way to get early warning signals that would not be filtered or redirected through the formal chain f command. Mr Mukherji found that many employees who used the open-door policy had been with the company for years and were comfortable talking to the president. Sometimes messages come through about inadequate policies and procedures. Mr Mukherji would raise this issue and explain any changes at the next senior managers’ meetings. The most difficult complaints to handle were those from people who were not getting alone with their bosses.

One employee, Anand, complained bitterly that his manager had over committed on behalf of the department and put everyone under tremendous pressure. Anand argued that long hours and low morale were major problems. However, he would not allow Mr Mukherji to either bring the manager into the discussion or seek out other employees to confirm the complaint. Although Mr Mukherji suspected Anand might be right, he could not let the matter lie and said, “Have you considered that leaving the company?” This made Anand realizes that a meeting with his immediate boss was unavoidable.

Before the three party meeting, Mr mukherji contacted Anand’s manager and explained what was going on. He insisted that the manager come to the meeting willing to listen and without hostility towards Anand. During the meeting, Anand’s manager listened attentively and displayed no ill will. He learned the problems Anand’s perspective and realized he was over his head in new job. After the meeting, the manager said he was…...

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...spending years of effort to integrate Warner Lambert and Pharmacia into Pfizer, should its management have avoided another huge acquisition like Wyeth? Should Pfizer have gone after smaller bio tech firms in a series of small acquisitions in 2008 and 2009? A number of these bio tech firms could have been acquired for the $68 billion price of the huge Wyeth acquisition. Present arguments for and against buying several small firms versus one large firm. In my opinion, when it comes to the option of bigger or smaller firm acquisition, Pfizer should have invested in a large acquisition like wryeth. This is because Pfizer’s focus is not really on how many firms it can acquire but proceeds and profit margins these acquisitions can bring in. Basing on the case, its previous large acquisitions such as Warner Lambert and Pharmacia. In 2000 and 2003 where quiet good investments bringing in large profit margin of up to 90% from the Warner. A large problem of staffing is also worsened by over acquisition. According to the case overtime acquired firms have brought in excess staff for Pfizer and this has become a problem as managers for each line have increased and thus larger costs in terms of salaries as well. Larger firm acquisitions have also evidently brought stronger products than Pfizer itself can produce. Drugs such as Lipitor from an acquired firm brought in sales of about 12 billion annually while Pfizer produced drugs have failed i.e. T-pill Furthermore larger......

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...PFIZER’S POWER:      Pfizer is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. Their enormous size and well-know products allow Pfizer to control much of the pharmaceutical industry. They base their company on research throughout the world in order to discover and expand new products. Pfizer’s products can increase the quality of life in living with a medical disorder or actually cure the sickness. The company believes it has the tools to lead the way into the next generation of the industry. Growth and pertinent resources will allow Pfizer to bring consumers the opportunity of better health and well-being. They influence health in over 150 countries and strive to enhance the health of humans in underdeveloped countries. Pfizer seeks to achieve these goals by specializing into four separate groups: Pharmaceuticals group, Consumer Healthcare, Global Research and Development and Animal Health Group. ( GROUPS: | FUNCTION: | Pharmaceutical | Produce and market pharmaceutical products | Consumer Healthcare | Produce goods to meet consumer demands including both over-the-counter and generics | Global R&D | Scientists research and produce innovative drugs. | Animal Health | Develop and market drugs to help improve the health of animals | PFIZER’S FOUR GROUPS:      1. Pharmaceutical Group: The Pfizer Pharmaceutical Group produces five of the world’s top-selling medicines, and nine are #1 in their therapeutic class in the U.S. market. Eight...

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...concept--provides the more appropriate basis for evaluating business operations? Why? Q1.6 ANSWER The economic profit concept provides the most appropriate basis for evaluating the operations of a business since it allows for a risk-adjusted normal rate of return on all capital devoted to the enterprise. Even when business profits are substantial, economic profits can sometimes be negative given the effects of risk, inflation, and other factors. Substantial business profits are no guarantee to the growth, or even maintenance, of capital investment. In actual practice, investors adjust reported accounting data to account for additional factors that must be considered. Q1.7 Some argue that prescription drug manufacturers, like Pfizer, gouge consumers with high prices and make excessive profits. Others contend that high profits are necessary to give leading pharmaceutical companies the incentive to conduct risky research and development. What factors should be considered in examining the adequacy of profits for a firm or industry? Q1.7 ANSWER The primary factors one needs to include in an analysis of the adequacy of profits are interest rate levels and risk. Normal profits must be large enough to fully compensate investors for three costs: providing capital and the postponement of consumption, sometimes called the pure or economic rate of interest, any potential loss of purchasing power due to inflation, and the potential business risk......

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...pharmaceutical industry that money continues to cover up. This will lead us into a case where, Pfizer failed to keep its commitment to corporate social responsibility as one of the most successful pharmaceutical companies, the choice they made to choose to bear unethical behavior in 1996. “Given the risks and costs of developing a new drug, pharmaceutical companies will jump at oppor- tunities to reduce them, and Pfizer thought it saw one” (Hill, pg 139, 2011). The case in point is the event that Pfizer gave its novel antibiotic “Trovan” to allegedly sick children without the consent of the parents when there was a serious outbreak of meningitis in Kano Nigeria. Pfizer’s choose the risk route and chose to ignore the children’s personal safety in testing. For personal gain and envious reason, this is was a violation of commercial ethics. It is claimed that Pfizer outbreak in Nigeria in urgent need of medical treatment cases on others' insecurity, regardless of the consequences to test new drugs, the loss of basic medical ethics, the law violations the United Nations the relevant provisions of the Convention on Human Rights (Xia, 2006). Therefore, the essay discusses the unethical behavior of Pfizer’s drug testing in Nigeria. Pfizer should not undergo drug testing of Trovan in Nigeria because: 1) the motives and ethics of the testing are questionable and 2) neither Nigeria, Kano Hospital nor Pfizer are prepared for the implementation of tests. If the testing......

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...Case studies Name: Tutor: Course: Institution: Date: Flying to the Auto Bailout on a Private Jet Basic problems In this case study, there is wastage of resources. The CEOs of the nation's three largest automobiles uses private jets to attend the corporate public relations congress. This is wastage of resources since they are using private jets to travel when their companies are struggling to stay afloat. Ignorance is another basic problem evident in this case study. These CEOs are very ignorant. They attend the corporate public relation congress in Washington unprepared and thus appear to know nothing about their problems. The three companies, GM, Ford and Chrysler, lack the concepts of public relations. The main issues American economy is melting down. Most of the workers are losing their jobs since the companies cannot handle many workers anymore. The companies have got inadequate cash. Bankruptcy is another main issue experienced in this case study. The General Motors Company and the Chrysler can no longer pay their debts. Key decisions * According to the case study, the leaders have to come up with a new public relations strategy. * The CEOs should correct any mistakes they have made before such as using private jets to travel. * Introduce innovation in products * The auto industry of the US should promote its products. * Ensure transparency in business operations. SWOT analysis Strengths * Availability of resources for the......

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...ASSIGNMENT GUIDANCE – NRSG258 ASSESSMENT 1: CASE STUDY Dear students here are some guidelines to assist you in writing Assessment 1: Case Study. If, after reading through these, you still have questions please post on the relevant forum. If you are still unsure then please contact your campus specific lecturer to arrange to discuss your assignment. We ask that you bring these guidelines to any meeting and highlight the areas about which you are still unsure. In this case study you do not need an introduction or conclusion for this case study of 1500 WORDS ± 10% due by midnight 8th April Turnitin. Just answer the questions. Turnitin is located in your campus specific block. Although we suggest you do your background reading in the current textbooks for basic information, the case study also requires you to find current literature/research/articles to support your discussion throughout the case study. Do NOT use Better Health Channel, WedMed, dictionaries, encyclopaedias etc. These are NOT suitable academic sources. If you use these you will not meet the criteria for this question and you will lose marks. You must follow the APA referencing format as directed by ACU in your case study and in your reference list. The Library website has examples of how to do this referencing and you can find the correct format at the end of your lectures and tutorials as well as in the free Student Study Guide. This essay should have approximately 10 relevant sources.......

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...Cialis case study * What r the most relevant dimensions along which to segment the patient market for ED market? * Demographic dimensions - Age (60+ and 50-59 groups), Employment (full time and Retired), Marital status (married or living together), have sexual partner, yearly income (low for Europe and medium & high for US), education (post graduate in US and primary & secondary in europe) * Viagra dropouts – people who discontinued to using Viagra. By end of 2001, 6 to 7 million Viagra dropouts compared to 3 million Viagra current users, which indicates a fertile market for cialis as a substitution to Viagra. Also Table B shows high willingness to try it across countries. * Compared to Viagra it provides more values like faster onset time, longer duration of effect, no side effects like in case of Viagra and lack of interaction with high-fat meals. (exhibit 10) * Comorbidities associated with ED * To whom it should be targeted for marketing: * Doctor - As cialis is a prescription drug. Also Urologists and family doctors (exhibit 7a) * Patient - As it is a “quality-of-life” drug, doctor alone will not ensure success. Also, patient awareness about ED is also important. (exhibit 7b) * Partner of ED patient – as partner’s impact is high in perception (perceive the ED problem) and evaluation (intend to refill prescription) phases of HCTM. (exhibit 7b) * Print media (exhibit 7b) * Drugstore......

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