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Persuasive Research Paper
Dominique Harris
September 30, 2013
Bill Morgan

Persuasive Research Paper
Restrictions on Guns for the Sake of Life
Volsky (2012), "I support the Second Amendment” (para. 2) Governor Rick Scott (R) stated December 2012 when questioned by anchor Soledad O’Brien about which reforms, if any, he would support. Gun control is one of the leading controversial issues society faces in America to date. The government is faced with the issue of limiting assault rifles with a trite and establishing tougher gun laws vs. the second amendment. President Obama said it best “the country’s background check system for gun buyers is so weak it makes the United States vulnerable to mass shootings” (Rucker, 2013, para. 2). That statement alone should end any controversy on the issue of gun control.
Regulating individual’s right to bear arms certainly would bring a since of safety to our society. In order for that to happen, government will have to do more than just prohibited sales of guns. In everyone’s community someone knows an individual who owns gun e.g., for protection or hunting. To regulate the rights to bear arms authorities would have to confiscate everyone’s guns to make America safer. I personally would like that to happen because guns kill, accidentally and on purpose. Take a look at the bigger picture “every day in the U.S., an average of 289 people are shot. Eight-six of them die: 30 are murdered, 53 kill themselves, two die accidentally, and one is shot in a police intervention ("NBC News", 2013).
Arguments for Gun’s
Some individuals argue that the reason they own a gun is for protection; protection from others who may have a gun. Those individuals defend their ownership of guns by stating the following: I am protecting myself or family from an intruder or that they use their guns for hunting to feed themselves or their…...

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