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30 September 2013
Personal Essay. It was a sunny day. My older brother and I were playing in the kid’s room, when our parents came. “We want to talk with you about something very exciting! We are going to move pretty soon! It is will be a long way to our new home! But, finally, our family will live closer to grandparents. Do you like that?" they asked. Of course, we did! Denis and I were very inspired about this news. We were too small to analyze how bad or good this decision was and accepted everything that our parents told us. Our family did not know how immigration from Kazakhstan to Russia would affect all aspects of our life. I looked to the daddy’s eyes and knew: everything was going to be alright. “I will prepare faster”, said my brother.” No, no! I will”, we were run to our room to pack all our toys for the new adventure. That night I had a hard time trying to sleep. I was imagining a new place, incredible house.
I thought about how I could finally have a dog, a cat, or both!

* * *
So why did we leave?
It was early 1990. The Kazakhstan steel was a part of Soviet Union, but the smell of close collapse of the system was in the air. My mother was pregnant with her third daughter and, of course, our decision about immigration was not so easy for my parents. They understood, that they left high-paying jobs, excellent apartment, good schools for their kids and were going somewhere they didn’t know. They did not have any confidence about future and no confidence
about present life. The situation in our city became more dangerous. There were soldiers in the streets more often, and nobody was able to tell you what to expect tomorrow: maybe it could be a war or revolution. Nobody knows, but everyone was…...

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