Perfect Prepaid Card

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Perfect Prepaid Card:
A card which we use to purchase the items either online or when we visit our near departmental store. The most fascinating feature of this card is that you can add and withdraw money through this card even if you do not have a bank account. In simple words, we can say that this prepaid card means you have a debit card but you do not have any bank account.

With the availability of these cards you can get your earnings or wages paid instantly on your card, you can top up your cards with both Cheques and direct money. Like other cards, these cards are also come up with the self-protective feature that is personal identity number (PIN). This feature ensures the safety of the money of the owner and protects the card from stealing and after issues.

The main benefits of using this card are: no unexpected fees of banks to pay, it is open to every one with no credit checks, can be used for shopping in stores or online. They are secure and come with PIN protection.

Moreover, this card has a drawback and that is it doesn’t come with the facility of mini statements – to show your current balance. It is only you who have to keep the record of what you have spent and how much credit you are left with. These cards are one time investments but cant be used in place of other types of cards like debit and credit cards.

These cards are essential for the students and the children who can get their cards loaded by their parents or guardians. The students can use these cards to buy items from their school canteen or purchase something from a dollar store etc. Through these cards, parents can teach their young ones about the good money management adeptness. In short we can say that these cards are a mean of money for the ‘young savers’. These cards are a way for parents to keep a check on the spending of their kids. We can also refer these cards as…...

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