Paternity Leave, Pay and Benefits

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Paternity Leave, Pay and Benefits – A Company research proposal
With the recent expansion of the company and the subsequent increase in the workforce that this brings, we have seen an upsurge in the amount of staff who are requesting Paternity Leave (PL). Paternity Leave is additional to holiday leave and therefore requires line managers to plan for additional staff absences. This planning will also aid the Senior Management Team (SMT) to understand any business impacts that this will have when forecasting project delivery dates.
The right of employees to take Paternity Leave is a right for all staff from the shop floor to the boardroom. Therefore planning for key staff being absent on additional leave is vital. This research proposal should it be approved will look at three key elements with regard to Paternity Leave and how it affects the business overall, these areas will be; 1. Staffs’ awareness of their rights regarding Paternity Leave under current legislation 2. Identify the current knowledge base of line managers and identify any training needs required. 3. Identify how we could communicate Information to the various stakeholder groups within the company

2 Brief Overview of Current Legislation
The requirement for Ordinary Statutory Paternity Pay and Leave is a right under law and as such it is clear in what is allowed for potential parents including those parents that are adopting. These rights are available from Gov.UK (2014) and are as follows: 1. Eligible employees can choose to take either 1 week or 2 consecutive weeks’ leave 2. Leave can start before the birth however the star date must be one of the following: a. The actual date of birth b. An agreed number of days after the birth c. An agreed number of days after the expected week of childbirth 3. Leave must finish within 56 days of the birth”…...

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