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Papa Geo’s
Budget Proposal
5 Years

Fall 2013
Professor Duck
DeVry University

Table of Contents

Section | Title | Subsection | Title | Page Number | 1.0 | Executive summary | | | 3 | 2.0 | Sales Forecast | | | 3 | | | 2.1 | Sales Forecast | | | | 2.2 | Methods and Assumptions | | 3.0 | Capital Expenditure Budget | | | | 4.0 | Investment Analysis | | | | | | 4.1 | Cash flows | | | | 4.2 | NPV Analysis | | | | 4.3 | Rate of Return Calculations | | | | 4.4 | Payback Period Calculations | | 5.0 | Pro Forma Financial Statements | | | | | | 5.1 | Pro Forma Income Statement | | | | 5.2 | Pro-Forma Cash flow Statement | | | | 5.3 | Pro-Forma Balance Sheets | | 6.0 | Works Cited | | | | 7.0 | Appendices | | | | | | 7.1 | Appendix 1: [description] | | | | 7.2 | Appendix 2:
[description] etc | |

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* 1.0 Executive Summary
1.0 Executive Summary

* * Papa Geo’s is a buffet style restaurant with Italian food located in Orlando, Florida. Papa Geo’s has a salad bar, pizza, several types of pasta with four different types of sauces, soup, desserts, and self-serve soda bar. For an adult to eat at Papa Geo’s it would cost $7, this cost also includes the drinks. Papa Geo’s will also have n gaming area to keep children busy while waiting for their food. * * The owner will have a loan for the startup costs that will be repaid over 10 years along…...

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