Outline the Reasons for Decline in First Time Marriages

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Outline reasons for the decline in first time marriages (10 marks)
There are numerous reasons for a decline in first time marriages; these could be a simple change in the attitude toward marriage, secularisation, a change in the position of women, a fear of divorce and a decline in the stigma attached to alternatives to marriages.
A change in the attitudes toward marriage, there is less pressure to marry and there is more freedom for individuals to choose the type of relationship they long to be in, this could be cohabitation or just a relationship without living together. In today’s society, there is a widespread belief that the quality of a relationship has higher importance over the legal status. The norm that everyone ought to marry has been greatly weakened and the level of stigma toward those who hadn’t married no longer was as strong as it used to be. In previous years, men who were single didn’t need to marry but women who were single needed to marry as they were not financially independent; people now choose to live as creative singledom, which means anyone, any gender, can live financially independent and not have the need to get married.
Secularisation means that society has moved from religion to a nonreligious society. This influences first time marriage as churches influences on marriage is declining so that people have the right to choose not to marry. According to the 2001 consensus, 3% of nonreligious people were married in comparison to 17% of people with a religion. This shows that religion within our society does not hold as much power as it used too, also it shows that marriage is becoming less important as it doesn’t hold the same status in our society anymore.
The change in the position of women show that with more advanced educational and career prospects, many women become less financially dependent on men as they are easily able to…...

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