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Oral Presentation

Plan and deliver a 7-10 minute presentation to the class in which you share something interesting (to other business majors) that you learned from researching your trend, problem, or opportunity.

You might well define the trend you analyzed or explain a key term or concept that is a major topic of your report. On the other hand, your presentation topic might be only marginally related to the subject of your research report. For example, you might have researched the use and limitations of social media in customer service and could give your report on that topic. But if your scenario had you working for a non-profit or for a state agency, you might want to give your report on the benefits of working for a non profit or for the State of Texas.

Avoid simply restating your report findings and recommendations as if you were presenting these to the executive audience of your report scenario. Look for a topic that you enjoyed learning about, and make it interesting to the class.

Consider the following elements of the rhetorical situation: * Purpose: Your purpose in this assignment could be informative or persuasive. Teach us something. * Audience: Your audience includes all of us—students and instructor—in this section of Business Communications. Though we are of various ages, we share a keen interest in business, business education, and the role of business in society. * Stance: Your role is that of and inquirer and fellow student. Project an enthusiasm for learning and partnership with your colleagues. Delivering an informative and persuasive report does not does not preclude the possibility of having fun. * Design: Your presentation should have a visual component. You are not required to use PowerPoint, Prezi, or other presentation software, though you certainly may. For some presentations, writing on the board or a…...

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