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The essence of optimism is that it takes no account of the present, but it is a source of inspiration, of vitality and hope where others have resigned; it enables a man to hold his head high, to claim the future for himself and not to abandon it to his enemy. There are many reasons why I chose to look at the cup as half full rather then half empty.

Born in to a family full of drugs and alcohol, I some how knew that my life would change. When I was seven years old my birth mother realized she could not take care of my sister and I. There was a great lady that was once my mom’s teacher, she opened her home and most important her heart to us. She welcomed us as we were her own and loved us just the same. From that day on I could not help but to understand there were much more I was suppose to do and all I have to do is keep head up and keep my dreams alive.

Starting elementary at the age of seven was a tough and rough challenge for me. I was placed in SLD classes because I started school so late and was far behind my class mates the school though I had a learning disability. Being as determined and positive as I was and most important proving everyone wrong. I excelled in school by the time I got to middle school I was in all advanced classes and only spent two years in Middle school because I was able to skip the seventh grade all together.

Reality hit me hard when I became an adult, but I never for got how to keep my hope and find a goals to reach even when things seemed as if they were not going to get any better. In 2010 I lost a job I had held for years, lost my brand new car, lost my apartment. At this time it was hard for me to keep a more positive out look when it seemed like the universe was against me. For a while I went into a depression, not wanting to hang ut with my friends, feeling sorry for myself. Sitting around wondering why no one would help…...

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...Optimism is being positive about everything at all times, well that is just my opinion and it seems as if oxford dictionary is in accordance with my opinion or I should say I am in accordance with their definition as oxford dictionary defines optimism as hopefulness and confidence about the future or the success of something. Now that we are clear on what optimism is let us talk about three great men who give honor to the definition of the word optimism. These three great men are optimistic people that you might just know. Thomas Alva Edison the inventor of the light bulb. Steve Paul Jobs the pioneer of the personal computer revolution and the last person that I will talk about is non-other that Barrack Hussein Obama president of the United States of America. Thomas Alba Edison is one of the most optimistic persons that I have ever know about, some of us might not even know who the guy is but even today we are to thank him for his great contribution to the world. In December 1879, Edison decided to invent the light bulb. However he failed the first time, the second time, the third time and it will not make sense for me to mention every time he failed as I would have to mention his 2000 failures or as I would say his 2000 obstacles. He failed to invent the light bulb 2000 times and he just kept trying and saying in his mind that it’s all going to work out for good because that’s how optimistic people think. So if Thomas Edison wasn’t optimistic we would probably still......

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...Optimism and Health Paper PSY 220 January 13, 2013 Optimism and Health Paper Those who are optimistic “anticipate the best possible outcome (Merriam-Webster, 2009).” Optimistic people have a unique approach to their life and its circumstances. Studies have been done to see if optimism results in improved psychological wellbeing and improved health. The cliché is that optimists see a glasses half-full rather than seeing it as half-empty. An optimist will always look for the positive in any situation. They are willing to find something good about circumstances that others may shy away from. I will consider here some ways in which optimism can improve psychological and physical health and wellbeing. Article One Do Dispositional Pessimism and Optimism Predict Ambulatory Blood Pressure during Schooldays and Nights in Adolescents is the first article. The relationship between high pessimism (versus low optimism) and physical health are examined here. This article holds that “low optimism and high pessimism were equally strongly and independently correlated with anxiety, anger, and depression, but high optimism predicted better self-rated physical health and less frequent self-reported doctor visits, whereas high pessimism predicted more frequent self-reports of gastrointestinal problems and aches.” The relationship was examined in this study between ambulatory blood pressure (ABP) and the effects of both optimism and pessimism. 217 participants (all healthy adolescents,...

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...Individual: Optimism and Health Dana Grant PSY/220 June 29, 2014 Dr. Shanda Smith There have been many studies carried out about the effectiveness of optimism as a psychological occurrence but the one I choose to review is based on a study done in my own hometown of Pittsburgh, PA in addition to the University of Miami. Many tests and research have been done on people to see if optimism does in fact have an effect on psychological and physical health. The article is called “Self‐Regulation Processes and Health: The Importance of Optimism and Goal Adjustment”. The purpose of their study was to explore the implications of self-regulatory models of human action for understanding how people deal with threats to their health and well-being, as well as how goal setting has an impact on their optimism. The authors, Rasmussen, Wrosch, Scheier, and Carver, theorized the disposition towards optimism in their studies, called “dispositional optimism”, considering it a trait of equilibrated personality, in time and in various situations, that influences the way in which individuals come to terms with present, past, and future events in life. Since optimistic individuals are generally positive about everyday events in daily life, they found a connection between optimism and physical and mental well-being. Optimistic individuals were more inclined to use appropriate coping strategies and have a more resilient attitude to stress. When dealing with health issues, those of an......

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