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Dear Mr. Milos

2.0 THE MATERIAL FACTS 2.1. You had been performed in Central Market for a few days. Nonetheless, during the final night of your performance, a DBKL officer named Boo Nalaf approached you and slapped you with a document which stated that the Association of the Malaysian Retailers & Street Vendors at Railway Terminals alleged you to cause Nuisance in the despite performing outside the Central Market. 2.2. You had performed in KL Sentral for a few days. Despite so, a man named Mat Syafiq who works at the train station demanded you to leave the area under the allegation that you have violated the railway laws of Malaysia. He was then being aid by a group of thugs to chase you out from the premise. 2.3. Being a Jazz performer, a group named Purity alleged you of violation of the local cultural norm, as the genre is not of local origin. Similarly, the group also further alleged you contaminate the minds of young Malaysians as Jazz being unstructured music is dissimilar of the structured Malaysian classical music. 2.4. The recordings from your performance which is now available in I-tunes are being alleged of a Copyright Infringement. The works are being alleged by Madam Anna Leese & Laniza Achmed of plagiarising…...

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