On Post Housing vs. Off Post Housing

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On Post Housing vs. Off post Housing Being a part of the military comes with a lot of amenities and benefits. One of the most popular amenities offered to soldiers and their family members is housing. As a soldier, the army pays for your living arrangements. Soldiers are given a basic housing allowance; with that allowance, soldiers can either choose to live on post or off post. There are pros and cons to both ways of living. A few things to consider are bills, maintenance and your basic housing allowance and security. Many soldiers have their own preference to why it’s better to live on post or off post. Speaking as a member of a military family, I believe it’s better to live on post and be secure financially, but some people beg to differ. Living on post can be good for most soldiers and their families. The army gives soldiers a basic housing allowance. The normal rate for the basic housing allowance is $1000.00. If the decision is made to live on post, the army keeps that allowance and provides a nice home. One of the pros of moving on post is there are no utility bills. Some soldiers are not used to paying bills, and often pay bills late. So living on post is a great idea for soldiers and their families that are just starting out. Another amenity offered on post is the maintenance. If there is any maintenance issues or problems with the home you’re living in, the army will send someone to your home to fix it for free. Security is also something most young parents worry about. In a military housing neighborhood, security is assigned and patrols every hour. The con to living on post is, the army takes all of your housing allowance. Some soldiers believe they should be able to keep some of that money, so they opt to live off post. On the other hand living off post can be beneficial for some soldiers. The army offers…...

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