Office Technology and Management: a Catalyst for Students' Self-Reliance

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Office Technology and Management: A Catalyst for Students’ Self-reliance.
This paper discusses office technology and management as a catalyst for students’ self-reliance. The core of the paper is that when students who are considered future leaders are empowered, it subsequently leads to the social, economic and political growth and stability of any nation. Office technology and management formerly known as secretarial studies is proffered as the catalyst education for students’ self-reliance based on all spheres of human endeavour. It guarantees prompt and decent employment for students who have competent secretarial skills. Students, after graduation could also go entrepreneurial to establish small-scale businesses of different types.
In the national development equation, education remains the fulcrum upon which other indices of national development revolve. It is no doubt, that office technology and management education is one of the disciplines that train students for self-reliance and self-sufficiency. The level and quality of education collectively attained in a given society determines the extent to which other factors of development are exploited for the advancement of that society. Office technology and management creates awareness, develops the potentials in man to subdue and harness the resources in his environment for the betterment of himself and his society.
Education according to Boladele (2002) is a process of acculturation through which an individual is helped to attain the development of all his/her potentials and the maximum activation when necessary, according to right reason and thereby achieve his/her perfect self-fulfillment. He further said that education helps one to maximize one’s physical, mental and emotional capabilities which are useful for one and one’s society.
Office is any place where business,…...

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