Offering Higher Post to the Fresh Graduates Towards Employee Satisfaction: an Empirical Study on Private Commercial Banks of Bangladesh

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The commercial banking system dominates Bangladesh's financial sector. Bangladesh Bank is the Central Bank of Bangladesh and the chief regulatory authority in the sector. There are a total of 51 banks in Bangladesh, and this banking system is composed of four state-owned commercial banks, five specialized development banks, thirty eight private commercial Banks and nine foreign commercial banks. Hence we can easily say that the private commercial banks (PCBs) comprise for the largest portion of the banking sector.
The banking sector has attracted a lot of fresh graduates for a very long time because of their work environment and other facilities that they provide. Moreover, the work environment and culture of the private commercial banks are such that the employees are motivated to work and prove themselves to their employers. One such approach made by PCBs was to offer a higher post to the young, newly hired graduates as they believed that this would help to increase employee satisfaction. This strategy has by many means been successful as well as a little unsuccessful for the banks. The overall study shows that simply hiring employees in higher posts cannot increase their overall job satisfaction; rather, a lot of other factors also need to be considered in order to ensure the satisfaction of the employees.


The main objective of this paper is to show how much effective the attempt was made by the owners of the PCBs to increase employee satisfaction by recruiting the fresh graduates in higher posts. For this reason, we have worked with six such commercial banks and interviewed their employees to find out the present scenario.
With the vast array of PCBs that are operating in Bangladesh, it is by every means the most sought job sector by the youth in Bangladesh, but in order to attract them towards the banking sector, the…...

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