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Marketing Simulation: Managing Segments and Customers
Prepare Tab Video Transcripts
How to Play Video and Initial Customer Interview Videos
“How to Play” Audio Script
In this simulation, you are the newly appointed CEO for Minnesota Micromotors, a medical motors device manufacturer. You must determine the company’s overall marketing strategy and make critical decisions around Minnesota Micromotors positioning relative to ever-changing market segment needs and behaviors. These include setting the list price and segment discounts, determining sales force allocation, setting the marketing budget and allocating money to product development.
When you first log-in, the “Prepare” section provides you with basic information on Minnesota
Micromotors and how the simulation works, including specific information regarding your scenario.
Note, that there is a downloadable PDF file you can print if you’d like a reference guide on how to play.
Make sure to review the Foreground Reading and view all of the Customer Interview videos contained on this page before beginning the simulation as they provide crucial background information on company and industry trends and data.
The “Analyze” section presents numerous sources of information to help you make your marketing strategy decisions every quarter. The simulation begins in quarter 4 of 2012. You will begin with three quarters of historical data to analyze and, as CEO, you need to make quarterly decisions affecting company marketing over the next 13 quarters. The timeline on the right side of the screen will track your progress throughout the simulation.
The Dashboard is a great place to start your analysis. It provides a high level view of your market share broken down by segment, quarterly revenue, unit sales, profit margin, net prices and spending on features. In order to make informed decisions for your strategy, review the…...

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