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Topic 2: When in Rome
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October 8, 2013
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Topic 2: When in Rome
Prostitution is legal in many countries outside the United States. Should it be? To understand whether prostitution should be legal, we first should understand what prostitution is. Prostitution is being a willing participant in sexual activity, usually with people other than a spouse or friend, in exchange for immediate payment of money or other valuables. Prostitutes can be either male or female, and mostly they are females with males as clients.

Prostitution varies from country to country. In some parts of the world, it is known to be legal and is known to be a profession, while it is a crime punished by death in other parts of the world. Prostitution also known as a form of human rights. In many countries, women are vulnerable and trafficked into the sex trade. Certain religions oppose prostitution, saying it as a threat to the moral codes lay down in their scriptures. Many sex worker activists view it as a human rights issue.

There are four things about prostitution that legal teams find interesting and they are victimization, ethics and morality, freedom of the individual and general benefit or harm to society. Victimization issues are people who support legal prostitution and argue that this is a consensual sex act between adults. Many advocates that are against prostitution say that all prostitutes are victims and that this kind of behavior leads to serious psychological and physical long-term effects in the man or women who is considered the prostitute.

Researchers have found evidence that points prostitution to have a strong occurrence between drug use, drug selling, and involvement in non-drug crimes, especially property crime. In the countries where prostitution is legal, the prostitute must be registered and if…...

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