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Observational Study

There are a number of research methods. One of the research methods is the observational study. An observational study is a study in which a researcher simply observed behavior in a systematic manner without interfering or influencing with the behavior. Therefore, the researcher observes and will record the behavior. Observational studies are sometimes referred as field research. Observational studies are part of qualitative research and theory building. It can include interview, checklist, and questionnaires. Furthermore, observational study also can include the observation of people in their natural setting and avoiding to being obvious as it can affect the data that is going to be collected. The aim of this observational study is to see the point of view from the subject being studied rather than imposing the researcher’s own views.
There are different types of observers: Participant observer, observing participant, and non-participant observer. Participant observer is happens when the researcher become the part of the group that being studied. As a member, the researcher will observe the social interaction and talks with the group members that may include interviews and analysis of documents such as emails, organizational memos, and personal document. Observing participant is usually visible to the group as they will reveal the purpose of the studies and will join to some activities. On the other hand, non-participant observer involves the researcher getting into situations where behavior, interactions, organizational practices can be observed first hand but will not join the activities on the…...

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