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It’s a Numbers game.

It’s a Numbers Game
How it feels to work with a company’s money? Not all Accountants do the same thing even if they have the Degree. Not many people chose to become accountants because of the tedious paperwork or the math that is involved. This field grows as the money people make or lose grows. As an accountant, people look at others money. Money is what helps people survive and flourish. Business all over the world need accountants to prepare finance documents. Even if one becomes an accountant there are still many fields on could go into. As account you are not stuck with helping people with their taxes. There are some pros and cons in becoming an accountant. If one choses to become an accountant one could make good money.
As you graduate college you will have to choose some type of path. Like I said there are many jobs one could do once you get that pesky degree in accounting. As Hallinston (2013) states in his article one could become a CPA. A CPA is a Certified Public Accountant and they do the broadest of jobs. Some things of those include bookkeeping, managing your client’s finances, preparing taxes and auditing financial statements. With that your clients could be individuals, companies, corporations, governments and non-profit organizations. (Hallinston 2013).
Another job you could chose is Management accountant. Now with this you would be recording and analyzing the financial information of a company (Hallinston 2013). As this type of accountant you would prepare budgets and taxes, evaluate performance, and perform cost accounting and asset management. Also you may have to prepare financial reports for shareholders, creditors, tax authorities and regulatory bodies. So I guess you could say this field of accounting is a bit narrower (Hallinston 2013).
Another major job you can do after graduating college and getting certified as a…...

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