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GS 1145 Strategies
Unit 11 Assignment 1 Reflection
Kelly S Draney

This class has been an eye opener for me in respect that I was a real procrastinator. It has helped to open my eyes to the fact that I need to get my homework done and in on time. With the assignment on scheduling I found that I wasted a lot of time during the day, when I could be getting things done. Breaking down my schedule into blocks showed me that I had a lot of wasted time watching TV when I could be more productive. Having to juggle time for work and school was something I was not accustomed to. I have a greater respect for my students now seeing what they have to go through.
The other thing this class helped me with, was learning how to use the Microsoft Office Suites programs better. I had no idea how to use Power Point before this class. Gratefully we were put into small groups to work on these projects. The good thing about these projects was it gave me a chance to learn about Power Point. I was surprised how easy it really is to use. It also helped to learn the different rules about completing a Power Point Presentation.
I enjoyed being in your class. I heard a lot of good comments from students who felt you were tough, but fair. You created a fun learning environment in class. I look forward to having you again for an instructor later on in my studies.…...

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