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Providence Hospital DC Dictionary Training
November 12-14, 2013
9 AM- 5 PM
MEDITECH Canton Facility

Personnel to attend: Host: Asad Shahid, PCM Applications Specialist Physician Champion PCM Core Team
Day 1Session I: November 12, 20139-9:30 AM
Opening Session: Introductions Agenda Overview
9:30-10:30 AM
Physician Desktop Functionality Demonstration: Desktop Notifications Rounding Lists Provider Coverage
10:30- 12:00 PM
Physician Workload Management Dictionaries: MIS Dictionaries User/Provider Module Access PWM Parameters Preferences
12:00-1:00 PM

Session II: November 12, 20131:00- 3:00 PM
Provider Order Management Functionality Demonstration: Order Sets Individual Procedures Medication Ordering
3:00-3:15 PM
Snack break
3:15-5:00 PM
Provider Order Management Dictionaries: OE Dictionaries Customer-Defined Parameters Toolbox Settings
Day 2Session I: November 13, 2013 9:00-11:00 AM
Provider Order Management Set Up (Pharmacy Dictionaries and Medication Building): Order String Building Customer-Defined Parameters Toolbox Settings
11:00-12:00 PM
Hands-On Exercise: Provider Order Management
12:00-1:00 PM LUNCH
Session II: November 13, 2013 1:00-3:00 PM
Ambulatory Ordering and Prescription Management Functionality Demonstration: Medication Reconciliation Process Continue from Ambulatory Functionality Discharge Process (Prescriptions, Orders, Referrals, Reports) Submitting the Discharge Plan Printing Prescriptions, Orders, Monographs, Discharge Instructions and Patient Instructions
3:00-3:15 PM
Snack break

3:15-5:00 PM
Ambulatory Ordering and Prescription Management Dictionaries: All RXM Dictionaries Associated MIS Dictionaries RXM > PHA Interfacing
Day 3Session I: November 14, 20139:00- 10:00 AM

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...Nordstrom is in a great shape of financial condition. We can see that Nordstrom shows its consistence and reliably through many of its ratio analysis such as: current ratio, market to book ratio, return on debt to total asset, so forth. For example, lets look at Nordstrom’s market to book ratio which has been keep improving since 2008 at 2.37, and it is continuously growth to 5.21, 4.57, and 5. 28 respectively in 2009, 2010, and 2011; which has always exceeded 1 and would be considered as successful firms’ market according to finance’s definition. Another example, one aspect that has been steadily getting better each year is receivables turnover, which refers to how well the firm manages its receivables; and therefore also day’s sales outstanding has been steadily decreasing which means the firm is collecting receivables on a more timely basis. Thus, Nordstrom’s receivable turnover is consistently improving 4.34, 3.78, 5.36 respectively to year 2009, 2010, 2011. Nordstrom’s performance has improved consistently since 2008. According to the financial statement, Nordstrom’s net sale has been steady growth from $8,272 million in 2008 to $10,497 million in 2011 which leads to a significant growth in Nordstrom’s gross profit. (From 2,855 to 3,905 million). As an evaluation of the operating efficiency, we can see the gross profit margin, and the net profit margin has been improved well. The gross profit margin and the net profit margin are improving and being stable, which is...

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...Recommendation In this paper I chose to analyze Nordstrom Inc. Based on financial analysis it is obvious that this popular retailer has created a well known name brand for its merchandise. Today this retailer has many loyal customers from all around the world. After my analysis I recommend that an investor buy Nordstrom stock.  Even though the stock price is currently below its usual price range, the company’s overall financial condition is still positive.   When comparing key fundamental ratios to industry standards, it seems that the company is well positioned to succeed in the future.   The recent decline in stock value is more likely because of the overall current condition of the economy and weak stock market.   The current low price makes for a good investment.   Also the company’s strong brand name should allow it to compete well against the competition even as the economy gets weaker.  Company Summary Nordstrom Inc. was founded in 1901 simply as a shoe store in Seattle. Today this retailer is known as one of the most popular fashionable stores in the nation. Leading the industry with a distinct supply of apparel, shoes and accessories for men, women and children, Nordstrom serves its customers professionally. With about 55,000 employees, 108 Full-Line stores, 54 Nordstrom Racks and the option of shopping on the web or through a catalog the company has facilities that accommodate its clientele. The business aspect of the company is segmented into...

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...NORDSTROM[1] In 1880, John W. Nordstrom left Sweden and sailed to the United States. Twenty-one years later, with a $13,000 fortune struck in Klondike gold, he opened up a shoe store in Seattle. Today that small downtown store is a shoe and apparel empire with almost 100 outlets in more than 10 states. Nordstrom is one of the most successful department stores with 1995 sales of $3.90 billion and net earnings of $203 million. During the 1980’s and 1990’s the company doubled its size from 29 to 89 stores, opening outlets across California and eastward, in Virginia, Washington, D.C. and, most recently, in Paramus, New Jersey. Sales and net earnings grew comparably. In 1995 profits were up 45% and same store sales were up 4.4%. The number of Nordstrom employees has grown to 35,000. Despite its recent expansion, Nordstrom has remained a family operation. Grandsons John, Bruce, and Jim are all co-chairmen and Jack McMillan, a Nordstrom by marriage, is the company’s president. Nordstrom has no chief executive. The company prides itself on having cultivated a family operation among its workers. All employees are made to feel like members of a family sharing in “the Nordstrom Way.” The Nordstrom Way is perhaps what has set the department store apart from its competition. It is customer service like no one else offers, service above and beyond the call of duty. At Nordstrom, service is an art form. The store host gala dinners and fashion shows has valet parking,......

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...Altering the Reward System Brief Summary - * The Reward system of “Sales Per Hour” is flawed and an alternative solution that improves the morale along with customer satisfaction is required at Nordstrom. * It wants to improve performance. However, promotes sharking (stealing other sales) and fraud * Nordstrom wants to offer customer service like no one offers * Nordstrom employees are upbeat, ambitious but, at the same time selfless * Our staffs genuinely interested in seeing that all your needs are met. They are Professionals—will help you with everything from gift suggestions to wardrobe planning. They will even accompany you from department to department until you find exactly what you're looking for * What motivates Nordstrom employees * High Salaries * Only people within company are promoted * Managers who meet department goals will rise to buyer or store manager positions * The three Nordstrom performance criteria – Customer Service, Productivity and teamwork * One Page Wisdom from Nordstrom – “Use your best judgment in all situations” and “Do whatever it takes to make the customer happy” * Employees are rewarded for Sales Per Hour (SPH) * Employees receive their commission rate times the Total Sales for their pay period OR their hourly rate times total work hours – Which ever is higher * Everyone is formally or informally aware of their sales performance * Clearly the best sales person are......

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...SHORT CASE 1: NORDSTROM Nordstrom, Inc. is an upscale department store chain in the United States, founded by John W. Nordstrom and Carl F. Wallin. Initially a shoe retailer, the company today also sells clothing, accessories, handbags, jewelry, cosmetics, fragrances, and in some locations, home furnishings. There are now 225 stores operating in 29 states across the U.S. The corporate headquarters and the flagship store are located in Downtown Seattle, Washington. NORDSTROM BANK & FASHION REWARDS PROGRAM: Nordstrom FSB, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nordstrom, Inc., is a federally chartered savings bank doing business as Nordstrom Bank. It was formed in 1991 in Scottsdale, Arizona, with its customer contact center in Englewood, Colorado. Nordstrom FSB was formerly known as Nordstrom National Credit Bank and changed its name to Nordstrom FSB in March 2000. The bank offers various banking and credit products, such as Nordstrom Signature VISA, Nordstrom retail credit and debit cards, interest-bearing checking accounts, check cards, and certificates of deposits. It offers Nordstrom customers cards under Nordstrom Fashion Rewards - its customer loyalty program - where customers earn a minimum of two reward points per dollar spent at Nordstrom when using a Nordstrom debit or credit card. Few retailers offer a rewards debit card. Nordstrom VISA purchases at non-Nordstrom merchants earn one reward point. Rewards include Nordstrom Notes which are redeemed or used like cash in......

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...Nordstrom Case Study Shameka Fahie Columbia Southern University A corporation should strive to build a strong, reputable and recognizable brand image. According to Kotler (2012), a brand name such as McDonald’s carries many associations in people’s minds that make up its image: hamburgers, cleanliness, convenience, courteous, service, and golden arches. Consumers associate upscale, top-quality, high fashion, brand-name and high-quality customer service when they hear or speak of Nordstrom. Nordstrom number one goal is providing the highest level of customer service as well as continuing to improve their customer service. An example of providing great customer service is when a consumer purchased tired from Northern Commercial, a company that Nordstrom purchased, and needed to return the tires originally purchased from Northern Commercial. Nordstrom does not sell tires but they accepted the return and provided a full refund with no questions asked. Sales associates sending thank you card to customer who have made purchases and customer’s special order items being hand delivered to their homes are another way Nordstrom provides high quality service. Nordstrom creating a loyalty program for its customer based on their spending is a way of improving customer service. Customer who spends a certain amount of money annual can enjoy benefits such as free alterations, free shipping champagne, live music, access to fashion shows and much more. This makes the customer feel valued...

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...MGMT E-4000: Organizational Behavior WK 5: Case Analysis Anirudh Udayashankar Nordstrom “An unerring eye for what's next in fashion. A relentless drive to exceed expectations. For more than 100 years, Nordstrom has worked to deliver the best possible shopping experience, helping customers possess style - not just buy fashion. Nordstrom, Inc. is a leading fashion specialty retailer offering compelling clothing, shoes and accessories for men, women and children. Since 1901, we've been committed to providing our customers with the best possible service - and to improving it every day” is the introduction that the Nordstrom website offers to the passing visitor. Nordstrom is an upscale fashion retailer, founded by John W. Nordstrom, a Swedish immigrant, and headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The company began as a shoe retailer, and has since expanded their inventory to include clothing, accessories, handbags, jewellery, cosmetics etc. The company was family owned for over nine decades, and went public just before the turn of the century. Nordstrom has been in the public eye (as in the case) for their high service quotient, and it is often listed as one of the best places to shop in. This is made possible by the simple rules that all employees follow as opposed toeing a bulky customer service manual. The employees are referred to as Nordies, and they go to great lengths to keep their customers happy – walking the extra mile to ensure that all their requirements are......

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...Intro: Nordstrom, one of the nation’s top specialty retailers of clothing and accessories, was historically known for its superior, best-in-class customer service. The Nordstrom sales clerks, or “Nordies”, were famous for routinely going above and beyond what was considered common industry practice to ensure that customers received the best shopping experience imaginable. On the surface, this key competitive advantage was what set Nordstrom apart from other department store chains. But upon digging deeper into the incentive commission system that was in place, coupled with unclear guidance for mid-level managers on how to manage their sales teams, it soon became apparent that Nordstrom unintentionally created a hostile work environment that contributed to a huge drop in employee morale and led to a publically humiliating and costly class action lawsuit filed by the local union in Washington. This paper will attempt to explain the intended benefits and unintended consequences of Nordstorm’s incentive compensation system, how it motivated or demotivated its employees to behave in certain ways, and provide two possible solutions that could help foster a higher level of intrinsic motivation while retaining the spirit of the company’s key competitive advantage: its superior customer service. 3rd question (Unintended consequences of compensation system): The way in which the compensation system was structured by the sales-per-hour (SPH) ratio measurement, coupled with a......

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...Founded by J.W. Nordstrom in 1880 as a small shoe store, by 1995 Nordstrom had become a giant retailer with net earnings of $203 million and over 35,000 employees. Nordstrom remains a family operation to date. The idea of the ‘Nordstrom Way’ - with strong commitment to the firm, emphasis on proactive service, no external hiring, and a decentralized management structure (e.g., Nordstrom has no CEO) - is central to their employee relations, and is seen as central to their success. Average compensation within the company is above industry average. Despite this, the company has encountered problems over the years with its employees, leading to high turnover rates and lawsuits. While some employees are very happy with the way company operates, others criticize Nordstrom for unjust labor practices. As the company continuous to expand, the labor-force becomes further divided on whether or not the working conditions and compensation systems are fair. Improvements that would increase employee job satisfaction and organizational commitment can be made on the basis of two basic issues: the company’s compensation system and management style. The following factors contribute to the two major problems described above, and must be dealt severally in order for them to be a positive outcome for firm. 1. Sales per Hour (SPH): double edged sword. SPH is a commission structure based on which the “employees receive either their commission percentage times their total sales for......

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...Nordstrom Case Analysis The main issue identified by the case study is the harsh treatment of the employees by the management at Nordstrom. This included the usage of unfair SPH (sells per hour) metric and “off the clock” work encouragement to keep that metric high. The case provides polar view points among the employees - Pati, Lori & Cindy (-ve) vs. Bob, Doris and Tim (+ve). This polar view points to the difference in deriving motivation from the same situation. Lets take a look at the view points and see how different theories of motivation could have been applied to solve the dissension that employees felt. In analyzing the root of the problem we need to acknowledge that the concept of evaluating performance of sales personnel on the basis of SPH isn’t inherently evil. As a matter of fact, SPH metric implementation at Nordstrom had proven effective since its introduction, its high profit margins and customer satisfaction ratings speaks to that. As stated by Tim Snow in the study, it was a matter of pride to be working for a company where people loved to shop. But the SPH metric shouldn’t have been the only metric. Other KPI’s such as punctuality and customer satisfaction (CSAT’s) should also be weighted into the equation as performance standards. The lack of distinction between “sell” and “non-sell” hours also proved to be an issue. The employees “off the clock” hours were routinely treated as “sales” hours, thus effectively reducing their SPH ratio. This......

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...“Nordstrom: How to Succeed by Selling Just One Shoe” Principles of Marketing May 2011 1. Identify the type of retailer that Nordstrom’s is classified as. Describe the characteristics it shares with other retailers of this type. Nordstrom is classified as a department store. It sells a variety of products including clothing, jewelry, handbags, cosmetics, and home furnishing. Nordstrom started as a shoe store as time passed they diversify their product, and they opened more stores in different locations. They sell products identical to the department stores. Nordstrom like department stores have a series of permanent products such as cosmetics, hardware, jewelry, sporting goods, among others. Another likeness to the other department stores is that they have many stores in different locations of the US. Nordstrom competes with other national, regional, and local retail and departments stores. Nordstrom’s top competition comes from retail stores that sell similar lines of apparel such as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Dillard’s, and other high-end fashion retailers. Nordstrom shares many characteristic with other retailers such as their generous exchange policy, superior customer service, the product quality. 2. Describe Nordstrom's level of service on the continuum from full service to self-service. Give an example of a store that would be on the opposite end of the continuum and explain their differences. Moving from full service to self-service......

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...customers, as well as new ones: 8.Give more than expected. Since the future of all companies lies in keeping customers happy, think of ways to elevate yourself above the competition. Consider the following: •What can you give customers that they cannot get elsewhere? •What can you do to follow-up and thank people even when they don't buy? •What can you give customers that is totally unexpected? Nordstrom's also strives to meet customer satisfaction through offering an array of products. "Our goal is to offer a well-edited range of products for a variety of lifestyles.". While they don't offer common, everyday needs like toiletries, groceries or cat litter; they do offer more upscale products such as apparel and home décor. Nordstrom, like Walmart, offer a private label--but without the notable discount. Nordstrom's does not use a low price tag to attract customers; instead they use quality. While it is pricier to shop for clothes and home décor at Nordstrom's; most designer labels prove to be of better quality, uniqueness, and durability. Walmart's private label brands goes directly from the assembly line to their store shelves. Eliminating the middle man helps them to offer such inexpensive store labels. Other suppliers they use to stock the shelves are bought from in bulk quantities. Nordstrom's, in contrast, has one distribution center located in Newark, California. While they do not have as many stores as Walmart, they can still enjoy sizable profits from......

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