Noah Ark Bsn Plan

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1.0 Executive Summary 1 Chart: Highlights 2
1.1 Objectives 2
1.2 Mission 2
1.3 Keys to Success 2 2.0 Company Summary 3
2.1 Company Ownership 3
2.2 Start-up Summary 3 Chart: Start-up 4 Table: Start-up 4 Table: Start-up Funding 5
2.3 Company Locations and Facilities 5 3.0 Products and Services 5
3.1 Product and Service Description 6
3.2 Competitive Comparison 6
3.3 Sales Literature 7
3.4 Technology 7
3.5 Future Products and Services 7 4.0 Market Analysis Summary 8
4.1 Target Market Segment Strategy 8
4.2 Market Needs 8 4.2.1 Market Trends 8 4.2.2 Market Growth 9
4.3 Service Business Analysis 9 4.3.1 Business Participants 9 5.0 Strategy and Implementation Summary 9
5.1 Competitive Edge 10 5.1.1 Pricing Strategy 10 5.1.2 Promotion Strategy 10 5.1.3 Marketing Strategy 10
5.2 Sales Forecast 11 Table: Sales Forecast 11 Chart: Sales Monthly 12 Chart: Sales by Year 12 6.0 Management Summary 13
6.1 Personnel Plan 13 Table: Personnel 14
6.2 Management Team 14 7.0 Financial Plan 15
7.1 Important Assumptions 15 Table: General Assumptions 15
7.2 Key Financial Indicators 15 Chart: Benchmarks 15
7.3 Break-even Analysis 16 Chart: Break-even Analysis 16 Table: Break-even Analysis 16
7.4 Projected Profit and Loss 17
7.4 Projected Profit and Loss 17 Chart: Profit Monthly 17 Chart: Profit Yearly 17 Chart: Gross Margin Monthly 18 Chart: Gross Margin Yearly 18 Table: Profit and Loss 19
7.5 Projected Cash Flow 20
7.5 Projected Cash Flow 20 Chart: Cash 20 Table: Cash Flow 21
7.6 Projected Balance Sheet 22
7.6 Projected Balance Sheet 22 Table: Balance Sheet 22
7.7 Business Ratios 23
7.7 Business Ratios 23 Table: Ratios 23 Table: Personnel 1 Table: General Assumptions 2 Table: General Assumptions 2 Table: Profit and Loss 3 Table: Profit and Loss 3…...

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...treatment plan. The additional teaching and training in different areas related to healthcare, policies, and medical treatment in the baccalaureate programs helps the nurse be well rounded in all aspects. According to The American Association of College of Nursing “Education enhances both clinical competency and care delivery” (AACN 2013). Another study to support this is by Dr. Linda Aiken at the university of Pennsylvania “which identified a clear link between higher levels of nursing education and better patient outcomes in surgical patients have substantial survival advantage if treated in hospitals with higher proportion of nurses holding BSN degrees”(Aiken, 2003 p1617-1623). Associate Degree in Nursing The Associate Degree Programs in Nursing (AND) were started in the 1950’s to fulfill the need of the American Society during this era. Nursing shortages and the need for nurses to care of the ill in the hospitals. With the creation of the ADN programs many people were able join the workforce and were inspired to obtain a profession at a lower cost and in less time. The Associate Degree nursing courses are studied for two years and it balances with general education and technical bedside care. It is believed that the lack of the extra courses in liberal arts and or the Nursing courses that are offered in the BSN program make a difference in the critical thinking or skills of the nurse who holds a Associate Degree in Nursing. Difference in Nursing Care BSN......

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... A baccalaureate degree in nursing (BSN) is a very rigorous form of training to become a registered nurse. This is when nurse attends a college with four to five years nursing training to become a registered nurse. Upon graduation the nurse can take their NCLEX to get their nursing license. According to Amos (2015), the four year BSN programs in todays nursing colleges provide the educational and experiential base not only for entry level professional practice but also as the platform on which to build a career through graduate level study for roles as advanced practice nurses, such as nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, clinical specialists and nurse administrators and educators. No major differences are noted between the cognitive abilities of students in baccalaureate and associate program. The BSN nurses are seen by the healthcare as individuals that are prepared for a wide range of nursing competencies and seen as performing their role better. ADN nurses are seen as performing well in technical role for which the have been trained. Their are difference in competences noted between the ADN and the BSN nurse. AANC (2015) confirmed this fact by stating that baccalaureate nursing programs encompass all the work taught in the associate degree and diploma degree programs plus a more in-depth treatment of the physical and social sciences, nursing research, public and community health, nursing management, and the humanities . BSN nurse has shown competency in quality...

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