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Having acquainted myself with certain parameters by now I was on a lookout for some other equally valuable analysis. During the 2 weeks PSE 1 we are required to keenly observe and adopt the best practices/methods of teaching in the teaching profession. In order to facilitate this we become parts of a real classroom teaching process and frame our views on the basis of what we observe.
Purpose of the study In order to further upgrade my understanding of the teaching profession I chose to observe this class based on home task, the teachers personality and the strength of the lesson. Herein this piece of writing I would therefore explore the highlights and let downs of these parameters, evaluate them and form an analysis for future reference. I would stress on the distinguished factors of the study in the reflections I make and share my inputs on the same. Similarly I would identify the drawbacks and asses the reasons why they occurred and what could have been done to prevent the same. Once again I got the opportunity to asses and evaluate a class being taught the same lesson as observed by me in the previous class. This gave me a golden opportunity to distinguish between two methods of teaching the same lesson. It is a fact, that the parameters analyzed differ but the stark contrast in the teaching style of two teachers intrigues me to assess the strength of the lesson.
Social Science in view of most of the learners is more of theory and less of practical. Such views exaggerate emotions of lack of interest in most of the students. In such a scenario the onus of making the subject interesting lies completely on the shoulders of the teacher.
Home task is traditionally assigned to the learners after the completion of the lesson or midway. The picture here was however in stark contrast to this…...

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