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Chapter 1 Information Systems in Global Business Today
Case 2: Google Data Center Efficiency Best Practices
Tags: Data centers; Google data centers; “green” engineering; efficiency best practices; energy conservation; cooling power;
Summary: Google operates some of the largest data centers in the world to support its search engine,
Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube and a host of other applications delivered to a global audience. Google’s
Technical Program Manager describes how Google manages the energy consumption of its data centers using industry best practices. L=10.01
Consumers of technology constantly demand devices that are smaller, more efficient, and more powerful than the ones they have. But most consumers don't understand the massive back-end infrastructure that powers their “front end” devices, like mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers, nor the impact that this infrastructure has on the environment.
Take, for example, the smartphone. iPhones, Androids, and BlackBerrys represent a trend in all forms of mobile technology towards smaller devices that perform an increasingly large number of functions. But every time a smartphone user connects to the Internet, places a call, or sends an instant message, it uses power not only on their phone, but at every step of the infrastructure used to perform that function. More often than not, data centers, also called “server farms,” are intimately involved in any Internet-based communication. These data centers are growing not only in number, but also in sheer size. IBM has a data center which covers approximately forty thousand square feet (three football fields) and contains ten thousand servers. Major data centers require such a large amount of energy to power and maintain that only large corporations are able to build them up.…...

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