Niger Delta Conflict

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Niger Delta Conflict:
Why the violence still burning?

National University Of Study and Research in Law, Ranchi
BIT Polytechnic Campus

TABLE OF CONTENTS Topic Page no. 1. Introduction....................................................................................................................3 2. Government’s response and its outcome........................................................................4 3. Why the conflict burning despite the government’s effort today...................................5 a. Selfish Nigerian Government...................................................................................4 b. Criminalization of the Delta.....................................................................................6 c. Poverty.....................................................................................................................6 d. Role of oil Companies..............................................................................................7 4. Conclusion......................................................................................................................9

The conflict in the Niger Delta is complex, a crisis involving local patriots and freedom fighters. The Niger Delta is rich in mineral-petroleum and gas. The Nigerian state formulated fiscal policies and laws such as the Petroleum Act, which gives the Federal Government the exclusive ownership of oil resources in Nigeria; the Land Use Act which vests the ownership of Lands on State Governments; The exclusive Economic Zone Act by which the federal Government has exclusive right over all resources within 200 nautical miles from the coast to the…...

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A time when you persuaded others to do something new?
A time when a co worker was being unfair or dishonest?
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