New World Order

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A New World Order
By: Karen Tumulty
& Mark Thompson

Obama picked his national-security team and it is made up of members who tend to disagree on major policy issues. Each one of them is a powerful figure in the political world except for the national security adviser James Jones. Jones is former four star marine general he worked for John McCain but claims no party and doesn’t take any political side. He feels that the political parities and viewpoints shouldn’t interfere with national security. Robert Gates a familiar face will be returning again this year, Obama is the eighth president he has served under. Hillary Clinton was nominated by Obama to be secretary of state, she was a fierce opponent against Obama during the primaries but he knows her foreign policy skills are a huge talent of hers.

The national-security team is only a nomination position and it is up to congress to decide if they like the presidents pick if they do the president gets to keep his pick and they will become part of the team. If not he will have to choose another person and put his pick to congress for approval. This is one of congresses checks against the executive office and it is there for congress to make sure the right person gets the job and tries to keep the president from choosing one of his homies or a member of the fringe elements of society. Obama still has to keep these opposing opinions in check or it will turn out like President Bushes national-security team which turned out into a disaster because Bush didn’t establish control over his…...

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