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New Media
Stephanie Morrow

New Media
New media is the introduction of technology that affects the sociology and social issues of people. It encompasses both ideology and anthropology of civilizations and how people are developing. Creating new ideas in the world, giving life to new thoughts and imaginations is what innovation and technology is about. With the help of many recent technologies marvels such as the computer, the internet, ect. And equipped with various advanced methods the world has entered into a modern era of communication. Some further examples of these technologies include photo sharing, video sharing, data sharing, blogs, social networks, podcasts and internet calling to name a few. These technological advancements directly impact our civilizations, changing our cultural trends and reshaping our social perceptions. The media influences the society by presenting persuasive messages to the people, changing people’s thoughts about their appearance, values and behaviors.
There is a measurable digital divide between the haves and the have nots in society on both a domestic and global level. The digital divide is a social issue referring to differing amounts of information available to populations. It became a popular term in the 1990’s among scholars, policy makers and advocacy groups. The digital divide includes more than just media concerns. This is because technology is everywhere around us. These areas include, literacy, economic groups, rural growth, disabilities, restrictions on freedom, and the access to basic telephone service. When these factors are working in combination they work together to erode the flow of growth towards bridging the digital divide. There are some places in the world where technology has not yet developed enough to successfully navigate the world of modern communication techniques. In some places…...

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