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New House Decision

I have decided that in this economy it is a good time to purchase a new house. This was a very big decision to make and a lot of thought went into to the decision that my husband and I have made. The housing market is down so the prices are low and so aren’t the interest rates. I have decided to purchase a home that is not that expensive and that needs work. I am looking into different types of mortgages that have a wide range of interest rates. I want to be able to pay my mortgage and pay for the work that needs to be done. When it is all fixed up, I want to get it appraised and hopefully sell it for a big profit or maybe rent it out depending on the market and the economy then. If for any reason I will not be able to sell or rent it out I can live in it for a while and save some money for my dream home. I have done the entire math and figured out how much my bills will be and what I can afford on my own, just in case my husband’s business gets slow again. I want to be able to pay for everything on my income only. With my husband being self-employed times can get tough and I never want to lose another house again. We lost a house a couple years back due to the economy and it was one of the hardest things we had to go through. We bought at the peak of the market back in 2004 and paid a lot for a home. My husband was making really good money at the time and we never thought that business would get slow. One day the phone stopped ringing and my husband was scrambling for work. Our mortgage was $2400 and we were living on my $150 week pay check for a while. It was hard at times; my husband would…...

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