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Competitive Environment:
Present world is experience world. In this world product which have better experience that will be lead in the market. In this competitive market “ExcellenT E1” is one of the competitive products. In this product all the latest gadget and new technological advancement has been used. Competitive market other mobile manufacturer company has been use maximum coverage two or three operator but this product remove this problem. People will fill all the current & advanced gadget & technology in this product. It has some competitor in the market. Those are:
Direct Competitor: Apple, Nokia, Samsung other smart phone manufacturer.
Indirect Competitor: Laptop, Pc (skype,IMetc), Tablet .

People who have to make connection with other , people who need all the latest staff in their phone, people busy with office work and want do all work in phone insteed of laptop or pc are the target. This is luxury personal product only customer can take decision on behalf their own self.

It cans coverage maximum number of operator. This helps consumer to bring this phone for reduce more than one phone carry. Its different software can help the consumer to satisfy work as an alternative of Computer. It also help consumer to use as a camera which customer can capture the moment they need.
Itsfeature, outlook and endurance can lead customer to purchase this product. Functional benefit of this product is Five operator at a time without its SIM or RIM, Water proofed (250 meter (820ft) deep), 40 mega pixel & 77mm optical zoom , All the mathematical, statistical & others tools, All smart phone facility. Emotionally benefits are it is lucrative. It endorser also be a positive emotional impact in the brand.
Reason to Belief:
It is user friendly production which is endorsed by respective authority. It experimented in different…...

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