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The brain is the greatest machine that has ever been studied. Its amazing complexity is indescribable until this day. The practice of neurology is the study of how the brain functions according to its components: the nervous system and the spinal cord structure. Neurosurgeons are the “hands on practicians” of neurology. They study and perform surgeries on the brain, the spinal cord and also treat diseases that affect the nervous system. They are the closest humans to understanding the complexity of how the brain works. Through extensive years of education they are one the most recognized medical doctors and the most devoted.

Neurology is the study of diseases that affect the nervous system and neurosurgeons are its great practitioners. They also deal with diseases or damage that is done to the spinal cord. The neurological treatment of the spinal cord, and its great connection with the brain is a essential part of neurological surgery and it’s a great part of what type of surgeries, neurosurgeons perform.

The long journey to neurosurgery isn’t easy, and it starts with a great devotion to work hard in a four-year college. The most important step of the education process is to be accepted to a competitive medical school. A bachelor’s degree is necessary to be accepted into medical school. It would be preferred if its a bachelor’s degree concentrated in a field that relates to pre-medicine classes. Classes such as biology, chemistry, and other sciences would make good candidates. A high grade point average is also another requirement, as medical schools are exceedingly competitive to get accepted in.
In the midst of junior year in a four year college there is the Medical College Admission Test (MCAT.) One will need to pass to be able to be accepted into medical school. In preparing for this test it would be best to follow a…...

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