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Net Savvy chapter 9: Models
The website of “Bureau of Labor Statistics” is a government agency that collect, measure and analyzes the marketing activity, the employment and unemployment rate, and the changes of the price in the economy in United States.
In this assignment I choose the work of model that focused in different areas, including modeling cloths, photographic, in the area of television making commercials, fashion shows, product modeling, and a lot of more of variety of products to advertise.
To become a model is does not require to have any degree, but they are some of bachelor’s degree, associate’s degree or certificates programs that have a relation with modeling, including photography, fashion design, fashion merchandising among others. But if the person decide to do one of the bachelor’s degrees it would take 4 years and with an associate two years and some of the certificates it would take months or 1 year.
One of the Skills that this type of job is required is that, the person has to be in a good shape that also reflects that have a good eating habits, because is very important the appearance to good look in cloths and the skin, in some companies or agencies has specifics requirements in relation of measures, also the person has to be hardworking , eager to excel, inspire confidence, have flexible schedule, not afraid of anything, good attitude, and be able to convey the emotion of what the person is representing.
The median salary for someone with a job of model varies of the company, location, years of experience, the type of work the model is involved, and a lot of more factors, but according to “Bureau of Labor Statistics” give us a median wage in May 2012 and was $0.92 per hour in United States. Making a research it said that in California paid the highest average salary with a profile of model. In relation of the highest ten…...

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