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Why did he think their trust and loyalty were important to the company?
The managing director focused on gaining the employees trust and loyalty as he considers these factors were most important to the company. He worked extremely hard on gaining employees/workers trust and loyalty and also expected that they will also remain loyal and trustworthy towards the company. In NCR employees are well educated and also have good knowledge that is related to that particular business. The company encourages its employees to get education and also provides education to them by sponsoring it. The company is more focused on current employees rather than hiring new employees and that’s how employees does not get the feeling of insecurity. This particular issue also enhanced the trust and loyalty issue of them. The managing director communicates and interacts constantly with the employees. They also get the opportunity of presenting innovative thoughts and ideas. The flexible and friendly work environment of NCR helps enthusiastic employees to committed towards their their task. NCR ensures friendly and interactive work environment and also provides open-door policy within the organization to bringing all people together. The managing director is accessible to the employees and he visits the employees whenever he feels and employees can also do the same by visiting him frequently. He goes to shopfloor frequently to meet and communicate with them. The managing director is quite flexible and considerate towards his employees. He take care the matter that the company does not take any important decisions and implement any rules or regulations without informing them which would not be beneficial them. He is cooperative and give chance to show their capabilities and potential. The company gives importance to their valuable human resources and works for their wellbeing. The managing…...

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