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What does collaboration mean to you?

In my opinion, Collaboration is work together with other people and find a solution; including sharing minds, talking, and listening and making progress toward a goal. If I collaborate with the right people, I can be more successful than I can alone.

How might collaboration foster learning?

Learning could be fostered by collaboration because sometimes there is a subject that you are knowledgeable about it, your team or partners might be well on that subject to help you out or vice versa. Each person can think and share that thought with others furthermore other people can learn from each other.

What is your idea of a successful team?

Each person in the team has his or her key role to play for the overall goal, and a person is trusted to do his part. However should he or she needed help, other members of the team can help a person to overall goal is met. This is another example of personal responsibility every person who takes roles in the team, should take responsibility for that role, and this is her or his responsibility for team.

How would you build such a team?

Have respect for each other, and help one another when needed. Every member of team must care about what people’s views are. Members should be able to listen, understand and not just do what they want.
What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of working in a collaborative team?
Advantages: Ability to do more work per period than an alone person can achieve
Disadvantages: If team is not managed properly, it would takes more time to achieve the…...

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